5 Reasons To Have Your Commercial Water Systems Serviced

For many professional outfits, getting your machinery serviced at regular intervals is just part and parcel of business. But when it comes to ensuring that your pure water system is going to be working well for the next few months, a service is essential.

Most businesses, and people, however think that anything that cleans is self cleaning, it’s not really the case and so it becomes fundamentally important that you keep your commercial water system fully serviced and up to speed with any new parts that it may require.

Of course, just saying that it is needed is not going to help anyone. So here are just five reasons why it is important to keep your commercial water systems serviced over its product lifetime.


Naturally  safety is a concern for most if not everyone. A pure water system may have been purchased because you and your business want to provide the best possible quality of water for any products/services or even staff facilities.

The reality is though, these systems are also complex and any small issues can turn into larger and dangerous ones over time.

Reduce bills

Much like with a properly serviced car, your pure water system needs to run as efficiently as possible. The semi permeable membranes in the filter systems take a good brunt of the work and require regular checks and replacements over time.

What efficiency creates though is better usage. You won’t run your machinery into the ground and you will get more out of your system over a longer period.

Identify issues

One of the points of a service is to check on the system health. One of the key elements of a pure water system is the semi permeable membrane which will need replacing over time. However, these can have their own problems as well as checking the mountings, and any other systems that are connected.

If an issue is identified quickly and before it’s a major problem this can be a relatively quick and cheap fix. If ignored it can lead to some pretty expensive repair bills.

Maintain warranty

Most systems, whether it is gas, electric or in this case water have warranty guarantees. Some will stipulate that to stay in a 5, 10, or 15 year warranty period there needs to be regular service checks. A bit like a car.

Here, a qualified engineer will perform the service and can even sign off paperwork with dates to show that if anything has gone wrong it has been a fully serviced piece of machinery.

Save money on repairs

Following on from the identifying issues, repairs can be costly things. But a full service will help identify issues and make repairs cheaper if caught earlier. For example, to replace a membrane earlier than before failure can cost under £100. However, if a membrane fails altogether, it will cost money to not only replace the membrane but also restart systems and you may have to bring in water from other sources until the system is fixed!