4 Cool Gadgets for Secretaries

Gone are the days when secretaries recorded everything in a notepad. Today’s paraprofessionals use all kinds of gadgets and gizmos to make their jobs easier, and many of them are useful, inventive or a combination of the two! If you’re a secretary looking for ways to jazz up your desk, here are just four things that you can add to it.

  1. Voice Recorder

Voice recorders are great for secretaries on the go. When you don’t have time to rummage around and look for pens and post-it notes, a voice recorder can be started with the flick of a switch, and it’ll keep track of everything that you say until it’s turned off again. Whether you’re making plans, scheduling appointments, leaving reminders for yourself or just musing out loud, a voice recorder can capture it all.

  1. Charging Stations

The modern office worker uses a ton of machines. Between phones, computers, tablets, e-readers and other devices, they need all kinds of power to keep everything online. The good news is that you can juice all of your devices at once if you have a charging station with multiple USB ports.

  1. Dictaphone

Dictaphones used to be absolutely essential for secretaries. They’ve been surpassed in recent years by tablets and smartphones, but they’re still popular among people who enjoy their old-school looks and features. As a bonus, a Dictaphone microcassette transcriber can also be used as a kind of hard-copy data backup in case of fatal computer crashes.

  1. Multi-Line Phone System

If your office doesn’t already use a multi-line phone system, ask your boss if you can have one installed. It’s much, much easier to operate than a single-line alternative, and it’ll be better for your business if customers don’t have to be put on hold. Once you’ve tried a multi-line phone system, you’ll never want to go back.

These are just a few items that might make your job as a secretary a little easier. All of them are equal parts fashionable and functional, so they’ll be useful tools in addition to cool desk-topping gadgets. Have fun with them!