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Be Like Celebrity Dog Lovers and Open Your Home to Rescued Dogs

Statistics in the United States show that in a year, 1.6 million dogs are adopted. Do you have any idea that a lot of celebrities have found their dog best friends through this method?

Do you know of any celebrities as of this writing that have been open to this idea of getting their pets? You should know that there is an increasing number of famous stars that go to great heights just to adopt a dog.

This article will let you in on some of the most famous dog lovers that have opened their homes to dogs coming from shelters.

Zooey Deschanel: Adopting two and not just one

The famous star of the New Girl TV show decided to visit an animal shelter last 2013 to be bringing home one dog. Even so, her plan was eventually not what she had in mind even being a famous star.

At first, Zooey was only introduced to a long-coat dog that has brown eyes that is named Dot. Zooey was then told that Dot is not comfortable leaving the shelter if her sister Zelda is not by her side.

Both dogs have been separated in the past, but this was proven to be bad for either as they became lonely. Love was clear when both the dogs were not separated. Since Zooey does not want to break the connection of both, she then decided to have both of them adopted instead.

Selena Gomez always wanting to adopt pets

Good for You, one of Selena’s hit songs, really applies to her sixth rescue dog named Baylor. During that time, Selena was together with Justin Bieber who is another dog lover. When they were together on a vacation, they came across a blue-eyed short haired dog named Baylor that they then adopted.

It is said that Baylor just fit right into the other rescue dogs in Selena’s life. Nonetheless, it seems that both Baylor and Selena have a special connection. Both Selena and Baylor love taking walks together in both New York and Los Angeles.

How Ryan Reynolds found his rescue dog

According to the Deadpool star, the first time he saw Baxter, his golden retriever, he knows that they will be together a long time.

Based on accounts, Ryan went to see a dog shelter so that he can help his friend pick out a rescue dog. When Ryan saw Baxter, he whispered to the dog to get out of the animal shelter, and surprisingly the dog agreed The two then had a great connection.

How George and Amal Clooney fell in love with rescue dogs

Famous star George Clooney and wife Amal Clooney are advocates of adopting animals that are left abused. The basset hound Millie they have adopted in 2015 always travels with them in style. When you want to be like them traveling with your dog, see to it that you check Pet Crates Direct.

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