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Choosing the Place to Have Your Passport Photos Taken

When it comes to passport photo printing, it’s good to know that there are so many places all over the U.S. that offer this type of service. In most instances, you will be paying for a set of two passport photos which of course complies with the U.S. Department of State rules and guidelines, both for application and renewal. And while you probably are made to believe that you actually can produce or come up with your own passport photos, you must be reminded that these photos aren’t similar to the selfies you take. You should know that there are very strict guidelines and standards to follow, including size and quality specifics. Hence, if you want to get guaranteed passport photos that will pass the guidelines, simply go to the places where they offer you this service.

Pharmacy or Drugstore

If you’re planning to apply for a U.S. passport or renew your existing one, one of the most convenient places to get your passport photos is a pharmacy or drugstore. These places are convenient because the photos can be taken immediately and printed right away, which is very advantageous if you’re someone who’s in a hurry. The only drawback though is that you can’t expect them to offer a competitive price.

Warehouses and Discount Retail Stores

Your next option are giant retail stores and warehouses like WalMart and Costco because they offer the same passport photo printing services. Unlike the first option, these places offer lower prices for the same set of two passport photos. If you don’t want to make the effort in visiting one of them stores, you can instead opt for their online service that allows you to create your own passport photo and have them delivered to your doorstep. But this option is only practical if you’re not in a hurry because delivery obviously takes time.

Local Post Office

In many instances, USPS locations that offer passport services, including applications and renewal, are likely to offer photo printing services, too; therefore, make the effort to inquire at your local post office. However, the post office is a public institution, which means you can’t just walk in there and get the service you want; this means you might have to set up an appointment first.

Printing Stores

If all those options above aren’t feasible, your last but may actually be your best bet is an online printing and shipping shop that offers passport photo services just like the rest. For the set of two passport photos, you can get a competitive price and fast service. The unique thing about these stores is that you get the assurance of good passport processing services since it is what they make profit from, not like Costco, a post office, or a pharmacy where passport services are only a secondary service.

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