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A Guide to HVAC Systems and How to Cut Down on Energy Consumption

It is a reality that though we pay our bills regularly, we are not really aware of how much we are spending on fuel bills and how much energy is being used in our HVAC systems. So if a homeowner wants to lower his energy bill, he should be aware of how much energy each appliance is consuming so that he will not which one is consuming the most energy.

Next to labelling your heating and cooling system that approximately accounts 48% of the energy use in a typical US home and making it the largest energy expense for most homes, you should also rate the condition of your unit. Replacing an older heating, cooling and ventilating system with a high efficiency unit can literally save you thousands of dollars in fuel costs thus making this investment a sound pursuit.

Considering that no one pays cash these days, the idea of buying a brand new unit on easy instalment terms that operates 100% efficiency compared to losing at least 35% on fuel consumption in older units should be enough to convince you that this is the best way to cut down your energy bill.

To think that newer heating and cooling versions comes with better features that includes variable speed technology and other current advances and innovations that where not thought of before that would allow you to have a better control on your system.

Older heating and cooling systems are not as efficient as the latest models and so if your unit is more than 20 years old, then it just means that you are wasting a lot of energy that is lost in your system. If you want to be more thorough on this, you can also schedule a professional evaluator to thoroughly determine the efficiency of your system including your ductwork.

And, in order for your new HVAC unit to lower energy consumption, it is not enough that it is there, but it should also be properly installed and regularly maintained to achieve its end. If you don’t want your new unit to have only 70% efficiency, then you should make sure that the installation is properly done, so that there is no energy lost in the process. Improper installation of your HVAC unit also shortens its lifespan since the unit will always be overworked so that it can reach the temperature that you have set it to. Also, if your HVAC system in not properly maintained its life will be shortened, and its efficiency will not be a hundred percent.

Fall is a great time to schedule new installation and the best time to have your system checked for maintenance. This should be the right time to arm yourself for the incoming winter where you will be needing all the heat that your unit can supply with less cost from that previous season.

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