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Some Dog Grooming Tips That You Should Know

In order to conduct a dog grooming routine, you would need both some dog grooming tips and a pair of scissors or clippers. Dog grooming may look easy but there are some things that you need to be careful about so that your pet won’t end up for example a bloody pay if you clipped his or her nail in a wrong way. Let us present here some grooming tips and right tools so that you can conduct dog grooming in a safe manner and a thorough outcome.

It is very important to have the right equipment in order to get the best result in dog grooming and this is your first rule. Thus, it is recommended that you follow also the tools that professionals use in dog grooming. Note that there are tools to be used on smooth coat dogs, and other tools for long coat dogs.

In order to remove tangles and prevent matting, one design of a brush is the slicker brush that is used on long coat dogs. Another type of brush is the bristle brush that can be used on both types of dogs, and this brush is coarse and can remove finer foreign matter on the coat of the dog.

Another tool is the pin brush which is used for dogs with long hair and can remove tangles. There is also the stainless brush that is great because it is long lasting and does not rust and comes in different sizes and lengths. There is also the stainless steel scissors that can be used for hard to reach areas, and you can choose that with a safety tip especially if your dog fidgets a lot.

For you to allow an accurate length when cutting the fur of your dog, you can use dog clippers with specialized clipper, and this has an advantage over barber clipper since it has a snap on attachment. Best for brushing short hair dogs is the rubber brush and you can use it against the dog’s hide. Another kind of tool is the stripping knives which is good to use on dogs with wiry coats especially their coats have to be stripped every few months.

Another dog grooming tip is nail clipping. In clipping the nails of your dog, a solid pair of clipper is important and do not buy the flimsy one since it breaks after few uses.

Next dog grooming tip is for the dog with smooth coats and when you groom them, use a rubber brush and bristle brush. Keep in mind to always brush against the dog’s grain.

To avoid your dog having a matt hair, it is suggested that you conduct grooming twice a week especially for dogs with long coats.

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