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Replacement of your car’s key is not as simple as in the past when you can get an instant duplicate at your local hardware store. All changed with the birth of the transponder key, wherein you need to purchase a key that is programmable to your car. There is a high probability that your car uses a transponder chip if it was built after 1995, but you can always check it with your local locksmith to be sure. If you are not into DIY car key programming, you can avail the services of a professional locksmith for your key cutting and key programming. If you lost your keys, it is best to seek the key programming services of a professional locksmith than doing it yourself because each vehicle has its own programming method as well as process pattern.

It is justifiable for a car owner to worry or hesitate to get a spare key because of the cost or charge for cutting and programming a transponder key or keyless entry remote. But car owners should not worry that much because it usually just cost less than $10 to actually have a basic transponder key replaced for a DIY project, but of course if you want a professional to deal with it, find a good deal, one that you can afford. Programmed keys and cloned keys are actually similar, having the digital signature of the original car keys, so it only makes a difference when it comes to the manner the “digital signature” has been obtained. Most modern vehicles today have two unique “digital signatures” serving as anti-theft feature and has nothing to do with the key itself. Hardware stores have clone keys but they don’t ace the special equipment to program new keys, so you need to go to an automotive locksmith or dealership. It is best to have at least three spare keys at any time so that if one is broken or gone missing, you can self-program a spare key or get one made at your local automotive locksmith for a more affordable price because dealer programming fees are really expensive.

Allow us to help you get a spare key for your car key so you can save money from expensive dealer programming fees, feel free to check our website or homepage for more details. For older car keys, it is important to provide the VIN number of your car to have your keys replaced, and call a professional locksmith. Our automotive locksmithing services are available to our clients in Round Rock TX and surrounding places, with a very reasonable charge. If you have other lock and key issues, you can find related articles on our website.

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