Quality Vs. Quantity: Do Single Sites need a Dedicated Server?

Generally, dedicated servers are considered an elite form of web hosting, eclipsing the offers associated with their counterparts – virtual private servers and shared hosting. Most users have outgrown both shared hosting and virtual private servers, leading to the inevitable migration to dedicated servers, also known as servidores dedicados. Often, it is the increased traffic that requires the solutions offered by dedicated hosting. While hosting a number of popular sites evidently requires the use of dedicated hosting, do single websites always need this advanced hosting option?

 Do Single Sites need a Dedicated Server?

The predominant reason to migrate your websites to a dedicated server is an increased traffic level for the sites. Note that high website traffic requires more resources than a shared hosting could provide. Generally, websites with a higher level of traffic require more bandwidth, CPU, and memory. That means that whether you own a single site or 200 sites, you still need a dedicated server.

As the resource requirement rises, so does your software needs. Dedicated hosting generally offers more advanced software and other necessary resources than shared hosting. A thorough analysis of what exactly your site requires and each server can offer is crucial. If you tie your website to a server that doesn’t meet its requirements the chances are that you face issues such as low page load speed.

Increasing site traffic is plain and simple for you to understand. Another critical reason to use dedicated servers takes a bit of faith in your site. By opting for shared hosting, you are potentially locking your site in for a certain period with little room for growth. If you foresee future growth and opt for dedicated hosting, when your site’s traffic shoots up, you will have all the resources it needs. This is way easier than moving your website from a shared server to a dedicated server later.

The bottom line is, the number of sites you have is irrelevant. What matters most is the level of your website’s traffic and the resources needed. This makes a dedicated hosting solution, and while it is an expensive option, it is worth the money you are likely to spend.

Generally, your sites and the available resources will be the best you can purchase, and you don’t need to share your server with other websites. That means your site is protected from outside interference. In case your site is pulling in a larger number of visitors, then, utilizing the dedicated server solution is a wise choice. It is also a great hosting solution for a website with ambitions or ones that intends to invest more in the future.

For single sites, if the website pulls in about a million users, its requirements match the same needs as ten sites have 100,000 visitors each. So, regardless of the number of websites you have, you need to be concerned more about the quality of the server. This is the primary reason it is advisable to use dedicated hosting.