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Anaheim 2017: Important Facts About Employee Benefits and Dental Insurance

Good oral health is a major contributory factor in ensuring optimum health, so your employees need regular dental check-ups and proper oral hygiene to stay healthy and productive at work. In the workplace, you can promote oral health to benefit you and your employees because it is directly proportional to their performance and attendance. This is especially true for those who are directly dealing with customers, making a good first and lasting impression. Employers can help increase the awareness of good oral health practices by encouraging their employees to attend their dental practitioner regularly.

Employers must develop concrete employee benefits to ensure the health and welfare of their employees, and one way to achieve this is to get a reliable dental insurance plan for them. You can do your part to help promote dental health in the workplace by participating in local and national dental health campaigns (National Smile Week), encourage employees to drink water instead of flavored beverages in the workplace, and encourage toothbrushing in the workplace after lunch time. Good dental hygiene means more than just an attractive and bright smile. Most oral issues are linked with different medical conditions like heart disease and diabetes. If you promote proper brushing, flossing, nutritious diet, exercise, and regular dental check-ups in your workplace, you also promote increased productivity at work and less absenteeism.

Find a competitive and flexible dental insurance for your employees’ benefits to make them healthy and happy. There are different dental insurance plans you can choose from including shared cost between the employee and the employer, 100% employee-paid, or 100% employer-paid. In Anaheim, you will always fond a trusted, competitive, and reliable dental insurance plan offering a national network with thousands of dental providers, absolutely no deductible for in-network preventive dental services, and reasonable priced packages rates. Employees who are considering to visit out-of-network providers may also avail of reduced plan benefit levels, and are responsible for the difference between the amount paid by the insurance company and the billed charge.

We can help you find a trusted, flexible, reliable, and competitive insurance plan for your employees now! You can visit our homepage or website for more details about our dental insurance plans and services today! As a responsible employer, your employees will surely feel if they are worth it to you, and one way to let them feel you care about them is to get the best employee benefits by availing of a reliable and flexible dental insurance plan only form the best provider in Anaheim. So contact us today and we will help you get the best dental insurance plant for your employees!

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