Making PCB Assembly

There are many ways that can be used in making PCB Assembly, including 1. Illustrates the PCB layout directly on the PCB using a waterproof (Waterproof) waterproof pen. Illustrates the PCB layout directly on the PCB using electronic rugs (Electro Set) .3. Illustrates PCB layout using PCB design software. When viewed from the economic side, using a marker to draw PCB layout is cheaper and easier. Only with a waterproof (waterproof) waterproof pen, you can make a PCB layout until the ink runs out or dries. However, this method can only be used in simple electronic circuits, and it is ineffective to make complex, complicated and complex electronic circuit paths requiring drawing patterns with small, thin dots and lines. The second way to make PCB is to use rugs electronics or usually sold with the name Electro Set. With electro set, you can get a variation of line shape and pattern of PCB layout image with various size and shape of the component. The price is quite affordable, ranging from Rp. 4,000, – for each sheet. Like rugs in general, the use of an electro set is quite easy to use. Way, simply by rubbing the electro set sheet directly on the PCB. However, the weakness of this way you will encounter the process of designing PCB layout by using many lines and component shapes in complex electronics circuits. Because it will spend a lot of time and effort, just to complete a PCB layout. Therefore, when evaluated in terms of time efficiency and process workmanship this way is not well used. Not to mention the risks that must be faced if, during polishing, electro set does not glue perfectly on the PCB. The recommended way is using the PCB Assembly Services.

Another method that can be used in making PCB layout is to use PCB layout design software. Software design PCB layout in question, such as Protel 99 SE, Target 3001, and others. Compared to the previous way this method has many advantages, including as follows:

  1. In addition to making the PCB layout usually on the PCB layout design software program, you can also design the circuit schematic drawing of the electronic circuit that will be made so that it will be easier to edit and repair if there are errors in the design process.
  2. Do not waste much time in the design process of PCB layout, because generally in the PCB layout software there are facilities design and laying components automatically (autoroute and auto place) for designing PCB layout as difficult as equivalent to the workmanship of a professional PCB designer.
  3. Can create, add, subtract, to edit the default size and shape of the desired component into a separate component library.
  4. Can display the PCB design results that have been made with 3-dimensional drawing model that accompanied the conductor path and component layout.
  5. More economical, efficient and effective both in terms of cost, time and process of PCB layout for complex and complicated electronics circuits.