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Imprtant car services that you cannot do without

There are many times when you feel like when you visit an auto shop or a garage your pocket leaves the place feeling like it was depleted of something. That is why in most cases you want to assume it is ok even when you know you have not taken your car for service. You should know that that is the best way of inviting trouble for yourself and a sure way of making you spend more in the future. If you want to eliminate problem, some of the car services are a must for you. You should make sure you read through to know which ones are a must do for your car.

One of the most important things is to change your oil. If you want your engine to move in the right way without causing you trouble, make sure your oil is changed as advised by the mechanic. The oil helps the engine to rotate round and round. When the oil is used for an extended period it is contaminated. When the contamination is continued for a long time, the oil becomes ineffective and causes poor performance of the engine. Some vehicles require the oil to be changed after they have travelled a distance of three thousand miles cumulatively. The vehicles that are being manufactured nowadays require that the oil be changed after a more long distance. If you are not sure the mechanic should be of help to tell you when you are supposed to carry out the oil change. You can also use the driver manual to know what mileage is ok with your vehicle.

Air filter is something else that your car cannot do without air filter being changed. If you fail to change your air filter regularly, it will clog up with dirt. You may end having your engine damaged. The time required to change the filter depends on the vehicle but the best practice is to change during the time you are changing the oil. The rods where you are driving most will determine when you need to change the filter as it depends on whether the car is exposed to much dust. You may drive for about ten thousand miles without changing your filter if the rods are well tarmacked. You also must change the condition of your brake pads. All vehicles are not the same when it comes to breaking pads. You must make sure that you check on your car tires as well. You will not want to risk your life by driving a car without changing the tires. The the status of the road will dictate when to change your tire. The type or the brand of tires will determine when they should be changed. Other things that should be replaced are spark plugs. You will need to change your plugs when they are old or dusty because they will determine how the engine works in your car. If you take care of your car, you will also look after your pocket.

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