3 Most Important Trends of the Indian VPS Market Place in 2019

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Indian SMBs are growing at a large pace. This can be attributed to changing customer behaviour, preference to newer choices and reliance on businesses that are going online. These are only a few factors that can be mentioned. But as we speak, one of the key things that has changed for enterprises all over is the evolution of the hosting industry in India at a large scale.

Most SMBs were relying on hosting facilities that were quickfix in nature. Such as shared. Not that shared hosting is bad, but it has its own drawbacks when we speak of taking a whole full fledged business online where transactions are done on a daily basis. Enter VPS in India, a secure and sturdy option to shared hosting. Not because it only provides privacy to users but also because it facilitates large bandwidth.

As we move to a different era in the internet where security and performance are key, enterprises in India are choosing VPS as an option. In India VPS hosting is gaining ground over most other options and rightly so because of the reasons that are mentioned. But these are not enough. Here are 3 important trends for you to understand what is good in the Indian market  for VPS deployers.

  1. Shared hosting is dying

As we move from a traditional mindset to a more evolved setting, it is observed that web hosting companies that have been selling their servers more than required are facing issues. This is because overselling of shared to acquire more clients has backfired for many hosting facilitators. Also, the general inclination of users towards VPS India, in its market, has seen a spurt in sales for the same because VPS promises security and privacy like no other hosting service. Moreover, shared hosting’s slow loading and trudging landing pages have been evident enough for businesses to decide to move on to VPS in India.

  1. VPS is unlocking business potential in the long run

A general awareness about using resources that are eco-friendly and economical in nature has SMBs migrating to the VPS like a flock of birds. The advantages of using a VPS in India is that users can maintain a balance between two crucial elements- responsibility of environment and business success.

Choosing VPS in India is a step further when it comes to managing these factors. The reason VPS has gained importance is because, unlike shared hosting where you are essentially sharing resources at the cost of privacy, VPS provides you with the latter that too at a minimal cost with resources dedicated to you. This has essentially allowed enterprises to trust VPS in India and deploy the same with scale.

  1. It is a favourite with SMBs and startups

As SMBs try to target new users, they need a hosting facility that walks hand in hand with current requirements. Security, privacy and storage space is one but since these enterprises make way for more users, traffic becomes important and hence, bandwidth as well. VPS gives users a whole lot of options with unmetered bandwidth to chase their business goals. With a host of options available in terms of plans, SMBs and startups prefer VPS to many other hosting solutions.


With VPS in India coming to the fore, it is but obvious for enterprises to go for a solution that is a pack of everything and most of all economical. Because understanding the architecture of VPS as a hosting is easy. SMBs and startups are driven to cut costs while making profits and it is no other service than VPS hosting that maintains this difficult balance right from the word go.

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