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Reward Your Pet for Good Behaviors

One of the easiest ways of creating a strong bond between you and the dog is to give a reward. It is the just like the way awards are given to people as a form of appreciation. when your dog acts desirably, give it the treats. Often, This method is known as positive reinforcement. Such a method results in a strong relationship between the dog and its owner. The relationship is based on the desire to get rewards and good acts. Research has when there is use of force and punishment often results in some bad behaviors from dogs. Such behaviors might include rudeness and fear. It is likely that a dog that has seen severe punishment become fearful and antisocial. Rather than cultivating friendship with people, it will prefer to stay away from them.

When you want your dog to develop a good behavior, you do not have to punish him for doing bad. There is also no need to be loud so that your dog can sense your instruction. You only need to be easy going and use the reward system. This is a technique in which you psychologically training the dog to act is a positive way so that it can be rewarded. Start by giving some treat to the dog once it acts as you wish. the rewards out to be small treaties preferable peanut size. Once you command the dog to do something and it does exactly, reward it. Until such a time when the dog associates the act with a treaty, you will continue to give the treat.

Say it with some appreciation when you give the rewarding. Say the words warmly with a smile and show some affection by patting or rubbing your dog coat. The dog will know that the behavior has been appreciated. Over time, the behavior that attracted the treat will become a routine. Since it is impractical to keep on rewarding the dog for the same, start backing off by giving the rewards less frequently. You can choose to train the dog another habit using the treats. It will then adopt the same habit. just the same way humans do, activities that have no fruits will become frustrating. It would be nice to continue occasion treats for the same practice and keep the dog motivated.

As time continues, give the treat to the dog once it learn something new. Make sure that you select healthy treat for the dog at all times. This ensures that the health of your dog is maintained. As part of the dog training, consider adopting the positive reinforcement.

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